Torch Tips

Blackberry Torch tip #1:

If you find that it's very difficult to quickly enter your lock code on the touchscreen, here is a great suggestion to resolve that issue:

  1. Go to:  Options  -  Security  -  Password
  2. Change your lock code to any four character combination of the following letters (case is not important) :  A  D  G  J  M  P  T  W 
  3. Go to:  Options  -  Typing and Input  -  Keyboard 
  4. Change the Portrait Keyboard Type to "Reduced".
Once you follow the above steps, when entering your password on the touch screen you will see a "Cellphone Type" nine button keypad (T9) with large buttons.  
The first letter on these buttons are ADGJMPTW.
This makes it easy to type on the T9 style keypad, the slide out keypad and a Blackberry Playbook keypad.

Blackberry Torch tip #2:

If you find that putting your phone in your holster causes it to accidentally hit the touch screen and browse to things you don't want, you can set your phone to lock itself as soon as it is placed in the holster.

If you want this to happen:
Go to:  Options  -  Security  -  Password
Set the option "Lock Handheld on Holstering"

Blackberry Torch tip #3

If you are on a telephone call and you hold your phone to your ear and you are finding that the touchscreen buttons are being pushed then read on.

The Torch has a proximity sensor that when on a call will turn off the screen. This sensor is located to the right of the red message indicator and has been known to have problems if you have long hair and you hold your phone in your right hand, to your right ear. 

Two possible options are to use your left ear to make calls or to twist the phone closer to the back of your head if you use your right ear.

You can test this out yourself:
Dial a number like your own home number that you know nobody will pick up. Hold the phone away from you in a position like you're using it to surf the web. Move your finger close to the screen to the immediate right of the red message indicator. Once your finger gets to within about 1/2" of the screen, it will turn off. Move it away and it will turn back on. This will give you an idea on how the sensor works and should give you an idea on how to hold the phone correctly to keep the screen off during calls.