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Blackberry Outage

posted Oct 13, 2011, 10:31 AM by Doug Hungate
The outage has come and gone, my BIS came back around 1:00am but at Noon on the 13th my BES was still down. I found that the BB Dispatcher services had locked up. I forced closed it, restarted the service and then restarted the router service and everything came back up.

In other news I'm now sporting a Blackberry Bold Touch 9900, its my 9th Blackberry, and I don't think I've liked a Blackberry this much since I got the Curve a few years back. The keyboard is perfect and the touch screen is great. My only issue is when web browsing if you are trying to scroll up the page with the trackpad you are very likely to touch the screen putting the cursor back to the bottom of the page.