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BES and Traveler Posts?

posted Apr 10, 2013, 6:48 PM by Doug Hungate
Why, on a page about using a Blackberry as a media device, are their instructions for setting up a Blackberry 10 on Domino?
Its because the instruction book is missing. 
At the beginning of January 2013 I had pre-ordered 5 Z10s and I decided to get my environment rolling. First up was Traveler, I had never used Traveler before as my company had used BES since 2003, so I hit the books and read up on it and had it installed and configured (correctly it turns out) within roughly 6 hours. I found 3 guinea pigs in my office to test it, one with an iPhone 4s, one with a Samsung S3 and one with an S2. Everyone worked pretty good.
The next day I brought in my Playbook and started installing BDS 6. The instructions were very sparse and all over the place, a diagram of how it worked was also impossible to find and public knowledge was non-existent. It took me a few days of trial and error to get it installed and working on my Playbook. 
Things that were missing were the mention of the Email address being required in Active Directory, the server address to use (/servlet/traveler) couldn't be found anywhere, I eventually found it when someone provided instruction on connecting a Playbook directly to Traveler, leaving the Domain name blank was also missing.
Once January 31st came around and BES 10 was released I had that installed within 20 minutes and running on a Dev Alpha soon after.
January 5th rolls around and I'm all set but I soon realize that there are other people in the same boat as I was, maybe not a lot but definitely significant. So up come the instructions, I'm not great at writing instructions but I've had a number of people follow them and get all set. So I hope you are one of them.