Blackberry as an eBook Reader

Blackberry makes a pretty decent eBook reader in a pinch, its not as nice as a dedicated eReader such as a Kindle or a Kobo but it is still decent.

For Blackberry 10 and newer:

With Blackberry 10 comes support for Kobo and Kindle, as well as an assortment of other Android Apps that can be side-loaded on.
Kindle now has a dedicated app in the Appworld use it to read any books purchased through Kindle.

I've used the Kobo software on the Blackberry Playbook for sometime and it has always worked perfectly, well after the Kobo software on the older handhelds stopped working.
Recent side-loaded versions of the Kobo software do not properly load all eBooks but I've found that an older version does, the link can be found here, courtesy of the Crackberry Forums. The version on the Good e-Reader web site is up to date but their seems to be problems with some files.

For Blackberry OS 7 and older:

Tools you will need
  • MobiPocket Reader
  • Calibre is like iTunes for your eBooks, it can take any non-DRM eBook format and convert it for your eReader

If you download and Purchase your eBooks through Amazon then the Kindle application is all you need. Kobo also has a similar application that will read their ebooks.

  1. Install Mobipocket Reader on your Blackberry
  2. Install Calbre on your PC
  3. Organize your eBook library in Calibre
    • There are many sources of free eBooks out there; Project Gutenberg, or individual authors like Cory Doctorow
    • Select the book in your library and press CTRL-D, this will download Metadata and Coverart
  4. Plug in your Blackberry and transfer your eBooks with the Send to device button in the menu bar