Blackberry as an Audiobook Player

For those who love Audiobooks moving from the iPod can be difficult as there is no native Blackberry Audiobook player. Audible is not yet available on the Blackberry 10.

Blackberry 10
Items you will need
Putting the Audiobook on your Blackberry

  1. Connect the Blackberry to your computer,
  2. The Blackberry will map to the Z drive with a limited number of folders.
  3. Create a subfolder called Audiobooks in the downloads folder as its one of the few common folders between the Android player and the mounted Z drive.
  4. Copy your Audiobook to a new subfolder under Audiobooks.
Playing your Audiobooks
  1. Launch the BeyondPodcast application
  2. Press the Add Feed button in the bottom right
  3. Select Import from SD card Folder
  4. Browse to Download, Audiobooks, then press the plus button next to the folder where you placed your audiobook.
  5. Select your Audiobook from the list
  6. Choose the option to sort by Name (assuming that the Audiobook files were already sorted alphabetically.)
  7. Play the first book, your spot will be remembered.

Blackberry 5.x to 7.x
Items you will need:
  • Blackberry Podcast App (Available through Blackberry Appworld)
  • Program to combine MP3 files (I use MP3-Merge)
  • MicroSD Card
Blackberry released the Podcast Application in 2010, one of its features is the ability to group podcasts from a single source and bookmark your spot in the podcast, so even after exiting the podcast application or pulling the battery out of the Blackberry it keeps the spot you were last at.

Putting the Audiobook on your Blackberry
  1. If you use Audible you are finished, just download their application and play your books.
  2. Purchase Audio books on CDs and transfer the CDs to MP3  (or however else you obtain the MP3 files), there are numerous other web sites out there on how to do this.
  3. The Podcast app only sorts by Modified date of the files, as such I recommend limiting the number of MP3 files in the Book to 4 or 5, 12 hours each is a good number. To do this use a program like MP3-Merge and add in enough files to get generate the files to be a maximum of around 6 hours. The Podcast app seems to get confused with larger files.
  4. In the ID3 tag ensure that the Album name and Artist are the Book Name and Author
  5. Attach your Blackberry to your PC as a USB Drive and copy the books to \blackberry\podcasts folder of the drive that is the MicroSD card (Newer Blackberries mount two drives, one for the built in memory and one for the MicroSD card)

Playing your Audiobooks
  1. Launch the Podcast application
  2. Select the Novel
  3. Select the First Track
  4. When you are finished playing do not push Stop, pause the Audiobook and select Close from the menu.
  5. On a normal Blackberry the Mute button on the top of the Blackberry well act as a play/pause button.
  6. The Volume buttons also act as Fast Forward and Rewind when held down, be very careful or you will loose your place.
  •     Loosing your place can be a problem, if you push stop or you use the Rewind button (FF is okay as you'll keep your place).
    To find your spot again you will need to scan through the audiobook until the spot you were last at. The seek option is not exact, the larger the file the more time between incremental seeks. iPods have the same issue as well but they have an option to play at double speed to get you back at your spot quicker. There are Android apps such as Ambling Bookplayer that keep a history of Bookmarks, hopefully this app will be available when Blackberry gets the Android App support.