About Me

Doug Hungate

I work as a Systems Administrator with a large mobile work force and have been managing thier Blackberries on Blackberry Enterprise Server for Lotus Domino since 2000.

I'm currently on my 8th Blackbery, the Torch 9800.

I've also used the following:
Bold 9700  
Curve 8900 
Curve 8310
Blackberry 8800 
Blackberry 7250
Blackberry 6750
RIM 957 

I've also owned the following media players:
Sony PSP (Yes I used it as my MP3 Player)
iPod Shuffle (2nd Gen 2GB)
iPod Nano (1st Gen 4GB Hand-me-down)
Microsoft Zune (2nd Gen 80GB Still the best Media Player I've every owned, I'd have bought another if they hadn't been discontinued)
iPhone 3G (8GB Hand-me-down)